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Why you should always connect your bidet shower to a good quality mains water valve and ensure the valve is turned off after each use.

To maintain flexibility for use our bidet showers like our competitors are sold with a shortened version of a good quality standard shower hose. All bidet showers including ours are not designed to to hold back mains water pressure 24 hours a day, they are fine whilst being used for washing but should then be isolated from the mains water pressure by a mains rated valve after use. If you connect the bidet shower directly to the mains water, as people in the house and streets turn on taps, flush toilets etc you will notice the shower hose jump slightly, this is due to the water pressure dropping momentarily then coming back way above static pressure due to kinetic energy.

This constant pressurisation and de pressurisation occurs hundreds of times each day resulting in the Internal membrane of the hose and the shower trigger seals to become brittle due to a process known as work hardening, the work hardening causes the seals and hose lining to become brittle, resulting in a premature failure of the hose / shower seals. For additional peace of mind you should always ensure the water supply is turned off to the hose / shower, if not the hose or shower seals could fail whilst you are out, potentially flooding the property.